About Cake Tin Delights


Hi, my name is Kelly, owner, baker and head cake decorator of Cake Tin Delights.

I'm a mum of three young children Caitlin, Brandon and Aidan. Wife to Phil, my husband, who you may see about doing the odd jobs, deliveries and basically running around after us (Don't worry we feed him cake).

Cake Tin Delights, a play on our daughters name Caitlin, was established back in October 2012 as a home baking business. As the years have gone on we got bigger and bigger, thanks to you customers we took the big step and got a shop (111 Topping Street, Blackpool) in July 2014. We are proud of what we have achieved in the shop and we truly hope you like it.

Here at Cake Tin Delights, we pride ourselves in producing not just great looking cakes but great tasting too. We bake everything fresh on the premises (no packet mixes), only use real butter and Free Range eggs which we are sure you will agree, taste better for it.

We do hope you pop in and say hi and feel free to ask us anything.

Kelly xx

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