It's Wedding Cake Season

The weather is getting warmer (or is meant to be), the sun is shining (again, it's meant to be) and it's the time of year a lot of couples say 'I do'

Emma Lee 7th May 2016 Great Hall at Mains

I absolutely adore being just a small fraction of someone's wedding day, I feel so honoured you love what we do that much you want us to create your special cake.

IMG 3323

With that comes huge pressure, and as a cake designer we have to take in a lot of factors, it's not all icing clouds and flowers with Disney music playing in the background. It is hot, stuffy, tiring and we are constantly working against the clock. The weather affects us enormously, we have to adapt our recipes to suit the weather. A lot of couples opt for sponge cake which means, you can't bake the cake weeks in advance so it can mature like you do with fruit cake. In order to get the tastiest, freshest, moistest sponge cake, we can only bake in advance of 3 to 4 days.

Day 1 – Bake the cakes, let cool and wrap
Day 2 – Buttercream the sponges, settle and ice
Day 3 – Decorate
Day 4 – Deliver

IMG 2252


Some of the decorations can be made in advance like sugar flowers and models but more often than not we have to wait until Day 3.

IMG 4037


With this schedule we often work long hours to make sure our deadlines are met. I've been known to work until past 1am in the shop, but do know what? It is totally worth it, especially when you see the final outcome, see it all set up in the venue and you high five yourself (like some geek, which I totally am) thinking 'You've nailed it'.
Honestly, I love it, I love it all.

IMG 3318


We have already been so lucky to have made quite a few wedding cakes this year (2016), delivered to all over from The Great Hall at Mains, North Euston Hotel (Fleetwood), The Villa (Wrea Green) and even as far as the Lake District.

I hope you find some inspiration and contact us soon about us making your wedding cake

Kelly xxx